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Full-Service Welding and Machine Shop in Culver, Indiana

Proudly serving Culver, Plymouth, Monterey, Knox, Winamac, Rochester, and surrounding towns/counties.


– Mobile
– Aluminum
– Stainless Steel
– Diamond Plate


– Lathe work
– Millwork
– Treading
– Pipe bending
– CNC/Plasma Cutting


– Repair work
– Modifications
– Heavy equipment
– Fencing/handrails
– Brackets/piecework
– Metal furniture/shelving units


MIG, TIG, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Diamond Plate

Mobile welding at your site for all metal types (*$80/hour with a two-hour minimum)

Industrial, farming, construction, and excavating equipment

Repair work for fences, handrails, guards, trailers, etc.


Lathe work, millwork, treading

Pipe bending

Precision Air and watertight components, camera housings

Fabrication of custom designs, prototypes, piece work orders

Replacement parts for equipment, modifications

Hydraulic lifts and mechanisms


Heavy equipment repair and replacement parts

Heavy-duty metal shelving including stainless, cabinets, enclosures

Metal tanks, reservoirs, custom containers

Safety projects like ladders, railings, and guards

Fencing, handrails, guards, ladders, weldments

Brackets, small components, replacement parts, prototypes

Custom signs, plaques, decorative metalwork

Custom metal furniture, benches, tables, furniture repair

Aluminum pier work

Buy & Sell


Lawncare equipment

Heavy machinery

Outdoor sports equipment (quads, dirt bikes, jet skis, dune buggies, etc.)

Loader Work

Clear brush

Remove stumps and trees

Do bucket work

Clear or grade driveways

Remove snow

Move rocks or boulders

Move pallets


Zach Sage, Certified Welder

I have been building things since grade school, started welding at 16 years old, and earned multiple welding certifications at 18. I also graduated at the top of my welding school class and won numerous awards for my welding work.

After graduating, I immediately jumped into the machining industry and started working at a local machine shop. I quickly learned as much as I could and became proficient at running the machine shop from the actual fabrication work to building great relationships with clients.

Welding, machining, and fabrication as a whole have always been at the center of my natural skillsets and passions. I’m proud to be able to do this as my career while helping commercial businesses and homeowners alike bring their visions to life.

Featured Work

Machining and welding services you can depend on.

Let’s work together on your next project

Whether you’re a homeowner needing a custom handrail, a heavy machine operator in need of repair work, or a commercial business owner looking to outsource piece work like brackets, me and my subcontractors can help.

Call Zach Sage at 574-216-7293

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